About Social Cycling

By bicycle from Germany to Indonesia!

In August 2015 photographer Patrick Scholz from Salem and carpenter Manuel Doser from Stuttgart started their big journey.

By bicycle from Germany to Indonesia - a journey through 18 countries, their high mountains, deserts and tropical forests. For 20 months the bike is their home, the hammock their bed and the camp stove their kitchen.

The project is called Social Cycling. On the way they support social projects.


In the meanwhile Patrick holds live lectures about this journey.

Social Cycling – Ein Radreiseabenteuer um die halbe Welt

Who we are

We are Manuel Doser (l.) and Patrick Scholz (r.).

Manu is from Brigachtal, next to Stuttgart. He is a carpenter and currently does an apprenticeship as a teacher.

Patrick is from Salem, is a professional photographer and currently travels the world in his VW bully.

From 2015 -2017 we cycled from Germany to Indonesia.

Fun Fact: We didn´t know each other before the journey.

Travel route

622 days - 19 countries - 2 friends - 1 project.

Germany - Austria - Italy - Slovenia - Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro - Albania - Greece - Turkey - Georgia - Armenia - Iran - Tadschikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kasachstan - China - Vietnam - Indonesia

What is "Social Cycling"

During our journey we supported social projects in different ways.

For example we recorded two wonderful albumbs with buskers. The musicians got the audio and print data to sell them and to improve their income. We also got the rights to sell the music - the proceeds go 1:1 to Barnabas Children Centre in Kenya.

In the meantime we could realize some nice projects at Barnabas Children Center through the proceeds of the CDs.

For us a wonderful project.

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Would you like to buy a CD?

Write an email to: info@social-traveling.de

The price for a CD is 15 €.

Villa Warna Warni

Patrick spent the last months of this journey at the social project Villa Warna Warni, located in Indonesia on the small island called Nias.

Here you can find more information about the project:

Villa Warna Warni

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