Social Projects

During our travels we are supporting social projects in different ways. Here we focus on Barnabas Children Center in Kenya. We were able to realize a lot of great projects by collecting donations through live lectures, busking and other fundraisings. This makes us incredibly happy!

Here is a short insight in projects we already realized. You can find the latest projects at the top. Thank you all for your donations and your support!

Water irrigation system

Our biggest aim for Barnabas Children Center is to make the project mostly independent from donations. By running an own vegetable and cattle farm we are converging to this aim step by step.

Since some years BCC is able to grow its own veggies and meat to feed the children of the orphanage and school. To be able to do so the whole year, an irrigation system is essential.

Together with other partners we could realize this project in March 2019. Patrick was able raising donations herefore with his live lecture Social Cycling in Hamburg.


With our last Christmas Fundraising in December 2018 we could raise enough donations to realize on of our biggest dreams:

Building a playground for the Children of BCC and of course for all the other children of the whole village.

Since March 2019 the playground is in use and we are so happy to see the kids playing there and having a lot of fun.

Sanitary facilities

When we have been at Barnabas in April 2018 we got an insight in urgent projects.

We were particularly struck by the situation of the sanitary facilities and the resulting lack of hygiene at the school Barnabas A.

Before we were able to realize this project our 300 students and their teachers at Barnabas A all had to use one single toilet: A hole in the ground, without a possibility to wash their hands afterwards.

That's what we wanted to change, and so the goal of the Social Cycling live-lecture tour was to finance new sanitary facilities by the end of 2018.

We made it! We were able to collect enough donations to build solid sanitary facilities with a total of five lavatories for the girls, 5 for the boys, two showers, four sinks and a teacher's toilet.

Since January 2019 the new sanitary facilities are in use.

IT course for James

James is 24 years old and was also a student at Barnabas A many years ago. He now studies teaching at the University of Nairobi, and is dreaming of opening a school and orphanage after completing his studies.

In July 2018 he told us that he urgently needs an IT course for his studies, but unfortunately doesn´t have the financial resources. We were able to finance it with the income from street music and street acrobatics in Copenhagen and Kristiansand.

Studies for China

Sammy aka "China" is 20 years old and of small stature. We met him during our time in Kenya, and he has become a very good friend.

He was a student at Barnabas A and now wanted to go to college after completing high school to study information technology. Unfortunately, education in Kenya is very expensive and the family lacks the financial resources to make this dream possible.

That's how we came up with the idea of ​​making a big fundraising on social media, and in fact, within three weeks we had been able to collect enough donations to finance his three-year study and daily transportation to college. China has been able to attend college since summer 2018.

Driver´s license for Antony

Antony is China's twin brother. When we decided to support China, we thought it would be nice to help him finding a job as well.

He told us about his dream of becoming a driver, so in addition to raising donations for Chinas studies, we raised enough money to pay for Antony´s driver's license.

New school-building

At the end of 2017, Harrison came up to us and told us about the following challenge: At Barnabas' partner school, Barnabas B, we run out of space. We had so many children in the village that we could not admit all of them in our school.

In order to provide education for all children in the village, a new school building had to be built. That's how the idea of ​​the social cycling live-lecture was born.

In the end of 2017, we were able to collect enough donations to finance the land for the new school building via a fundraising on social media.

Then we created the live-lecture Social Cycling and held it together with Manu at countless different locations. Thus we were able to collect enough donations within a few weeks to finance the construction and furnishing of the new school building.

The new school building was opened in April 2018. In the meantime over 100 other students can go to school there.

Musical instruments

With the proceeds from the sale of the CD by Ilirian Pema, a street musician from Albania, we were able to finance new musical instruments for Barnabas at the end of 2015!

For more information about the CDs click here.


When Patrick first came to Barnabas Children Center in 2011 everything was very improvised. The 30 children were partly housed in host families or slept in the mud building, which served as a classroom during the day.

Back in Germany, Patrick began collecting donations with busking and the sale of art. In addition, he created the first live lecture "Kenya - Land, People, Adventure", which he showed in front of a large audience to raise funds for the orphanage.

In the beginning of 2012, the first solid building was built. The children no longer had to sleep on the clay floor in the classroom, but had their own bed for the first time in their lives. An incredibly important and great first step!

Monthly costs

One of the biggest callenges of Barnabas Children Centre is covering the monthly costs.

If we have budgets left from donations, we are always involved in the payment of fixed costs, such as electricity bills or the salaries of teachers and other employees.

For this we are always looking for supporting members and sponsors who help Barnabas Children Center with an amount from 5 Euro per month.

If you are interested please send an E-Mail to:
More information: Barnabas Children Centre

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