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Barnabas Children Center is located in Kenya. It is 20km north of Mombasa in the municipality of Utange and was founded in 2009 by Harrison Gonah.

He could not go to school regularly due to the poverty of his family and therefore decided to help the children in his village. The project started with six orphans for whom Harrison paid half of his monthly salary.

A mud hut formed the orphanage, where the children were taught during the day and slept at night. During the last years the project has grown steadily. Today, Barnabas offers, among other things, two schools attended by more than 500 pupils and an orphanage for over 40 children.


The private school of Barnabas currently counts about 500 students.

  • The Barnabas A in Kitaruni has around 350 students grade 1 - 8 and a kindergarden.
  • Barnabas B in Loma, 10 km away, has about 150 students grade 1-4 and also a kindergarden.

The school fees per child are 15 euros per month, which include a daily lunch and also the school uniform. Many students come from very poor backgrounds and may attend the school for free. Currently around 70% of the students do not pay school fees. The costs for these students are financed by donations.


Currently, 43 children between the ages of 4 and 19 live in the orphanage.

The Barnabas Children Center offers them a home where they get clothing, food and medical care.

Trough the great community and affection of the childcare staff, the children grow up in a family and loving environment. Most of the children are orphans, others still have relatives who are unable to care for them.

In addition to a common room, a kitchen and sanitary facilities, the orphanage has two large dormitories.


Our biggest goal is to make the project sustainable in order to make it independent of donations in the long term.

This includes, for example, the construction of solid buildings and wells. Moreover Barnabas runs a large fruit and vegetable plantation.

In addition, the children are further supported after their graduation, in order to enable them to start a career and an independent life.

All future actions will also be implemented according to the principle of sustainability.

Support us

We are a small private project with the name Social Traveling, operated by Patrick Scholz and Lisa Nuber. As a result, there are no expenses and every donated Euro reaches Barnabas Children Center in Kenya. We have been supporting Barnabas since 2011 and are in contact with Harrison Gonah almost every day.

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We are always happy to host helpers from the most diverse areas. From taking care for the children to the Excel experts - we look forward to seeing you!

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